Raising heritage breed pork on mash from local brewers & distillers

Outstanding pork with unique flavors, all local and all slow-raised heritage breeds for a premium product.
Bone in pork chop from Millie's
What makes our pork so special?
We raise heritage breed pork naturally, with mash from local brewers and distillers added to the hogs’ diet.  This produces a softer, creamier fat and a more tender meat.

We work directly with Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery and Reservoir Distillery so they can feed on the best fresh mash!

By season, we manipulate our pastures for hogs to feed off freshly grown timothy grass, beets, turnips, Jerusalem artichokes, garlic, field peas, barley, and pumpkins. In the winter months, we supplement feed with round bales of horse quality hay made from orchard grass and alfalfa.

Pig Carfters bone in chop, garbanzo bean salad, grilled baby bok choy, peach chutney, Photo Courtesy of Millie's.
Your favorite food raised on your favorite brew.
We raise extremely high quality pork on a small local farm, feeding the hogs mash from local distilleries and breweries. Our hogs are "slow-raised" on acres of forest, with no added hormones or antibiotics. This means better quality and better tasting pork.

Mahock Farm

Located in rural Goochland, VA, the farm is named in honor of the Indians that lived there for centuries before English settlers arrived. The property has historical ties to Thomas Jefferson’s family. Rich in history, the property is located on the North bank of the James River, 35 miles upstream from the fall line at Richmond. Our livestock is free to graze and lounge under the shade and peacefulness of 100 year old oak trees and 70 year old Chinese chestnut trees.
Want to get your hands on Pig Crafters pork?

We sell whole hogs to restaurants, purveyors, and charcuterie shops. We also sell cuts through Local Root’s Food Co-op.
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